: art director 
  & designer

/ Moving image: ElixirFix

Moving image, 2019

Art direction and production:
Elisa Colson & Darryl Otten

Make-up artist:
Isabel Seo

Emma Sproat, Jacob Martensson
& Martin Trifonov

ElixirFix is a skincare ad parody.

ElixirFix is a moving image project realised in collaboration with Darryl Otten. This project was created as a response to a brief given by Dazed Beauty: "Reimagine a beauty product".

The concept for our project was to create a parody of a beauty advertisement, inspired by advertisements from 2000/2010. Criticising the way the beauty industry promotes anti-ageing products, excluding age from the idea of beauty and imposing unattainable beauty standards on women. Making fun of the language used in beauty ads by exaggerating it, and making fun of the way brands portray their products as magical, with immediate effects.