: art director 
  & designer

/ Thesis: Univocal beauty

Thesis, 2020
Elisa Colson

Univocal beauty is a feminist thesis about beauty standards on Instagram.

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Univocal beauty is a thesis in which I discuss the impact Instagram influencers can have on the current female beauty standards in the Western World and how it can affect women.

As for the design of the thesis, I wanted to create an Instagram experience, but a physical one. The text is folded in accordion, in a square shape, and the reader will unfold the text as they read it. The text flows and never seems to stop. By folding the text this way, I wanted to emulate the experience of the digital scrolling down on smartphones. The text is placed inside a little square box, which represents the app itself.

In my thesis, I touch upon subjects like the space women have in the patriarchal society, the objectification and sexualisation of the female body in media, the evolution of the beauty standards throughout history. I explore how Instagram influencers generate unattainable beauty standards because of their (often denied) use of cosmetic surgery and photo editing. And, as a result, seeing how it can lead women to higher risks of mental health disorders, increased use of cosmetic surgery procedures and self-presentation techniques such as curating an Instagram account to give the illusion of a "perfect life".