: art director 
  & designer

/ Moving image: ElixirFix

Moving image, 2019

Art direction and production:
Elisa Colson & Darryl Otten

Make-up artist:
Isabel Seo

Emma Sproat, Jacob Martensson
& Martin Trifonov

ElixirFix is a skincare ad parody.

ElixirFix is a moving image project realised in collaboration with Darryl Otten. This project was created as a response to a brief given by Dazed Beauty: "Reimagine a beauty product".

The concept for our project was to create a parody of a beauty advertisement, inspired by advertisements from 2000/2010. Criticising the way the beauty industry promotes anti-ageing products, excluding age from the idea of beauty and imposing unattainable beauty standards on women. Making fun of the language used in beauty ads by exaggerating it, and making fun of the way brands portray their products as magical, with immediate effects.

/ Publication: Perception & Deception

Publication, 2017
Elisa Colson

A publication reflecting on our capitalist society.

“Perception & Deception” is a publication reflecting on the book “Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl” by Tiqqun.

In this publication, I explore some aspects of the capitalist society such as the lack of authenticity, the superficiality, the conformity and the unrealistic beauty standards. By overlapping photographs, I show the contrast between appearances and realities; the contrast between the mask and the authentic self.

Each chapter starts with a statement, which is then deconstructed and challenged through several still photography stories. The objects are used as metaphors to tell stories about us, about the capitalist society we live in.

/ Graduation project: Perceptron

Graduation project, 2020

Art direction:
Elisa Colson

Code of the app:
Dominic Lane

A filter created by an A.I. trained on Instagram influencers images.

Try the app here → www.perceptron-app.uk

Perceptron is a web application using the user’s webcam and applying a live filter created by an A.I. to the video feed. The filter applied was created by training a machine on thousands of images of Instagram influencers.

Perceptron is a critically engaged project disguised as a beauty app. This project aims at denouncing the “Instagram face” movement, investigates the current female beauty standards in the Western world and explores human’s perception of beauty with the help of an A.I. 

/ Thesis: Univocal beauty

Thesis, 2020
Elisa Colson

Univocal beauty is a feminist thesis about beauty standards on Instagram.

Click here to read the full thesis → Thesis

Univocal beauty is a thesis in which I discuss the impact Instagram influencers can have on the current female beauty standards in the Western World and how it can affect women.

As for the design of the thesis, I wanted to create an Instagram experience, but a physical one. The text is folded in accordion, in a square shape, and the reader will unfold the text as they read it. The text flows and never seems to stop. By folding the text this way, I wanted to emulate the experience of the digital scrolling down on smartphones. The text is placed inside a little square box, which represents the app itself.

In my thesis, I touch upon subjects like the space women have in the patriarchal society, the objectification and sexualisation of the female body in media, the evolution of the beauty standards throughout history. I explore how Instagram influencers generate unattainable beauty standards because of their (often denied) use of cosmetic surgery and photo editing. And, as a result, seeing how it can lead women to higher risks of mental health disorders, increased use of cosmetic surgery procedures and self-presentation techniques such as curating an Instagram account to give the illusion of a "perfect life".

/ Publication: Beau à voir

Publication, 2018

Elisa Colson in collaboration with:
Héloïse Larue / Contemporary dancer

A publication exploring London’s neighbourhood “De Beauvoir Town”.

Beau à Voir is a catalogue raisonné reflecting on "De Beauvoir Town", which is a neighbourhood in the London Borough of Hackney. It is the result of several walks around the neighbourhood, using photography and illustration as a way of documenting the area. The photographs collected were then organised and categorised in order to document different aspects of the neighbourhood.

One of the chapters was realised in collaboration with a French contemporary dancer, Héloïse Larue. I photographed her dancing in the neighbourhood, playing with movements around the architecture of the estate. The whole chapter studies movement, the relationship between the human and the architecture and how we can navigate the space.