: art director 
  & designer

/ Web design: L’apéro

Web design proposal, 2019

Fashion design and illustration:
Louis Bouchet

Marion Fitzer

Web Design:
Elisa Colson

A homepage proposal for a fashion collection.

Here is a short project proposal I have made for a website’s homepage, inspired by Sketch’s website homepage (designed by HATO), the different pages of the website are represented as little "floating worlds". This proposal was realised in collaboration with Louis Bouchet who created a fashion collection called "L’apéro" as part of his Fashion Design degree in ESMOD Lyon (France) and with Marion Fitzer who photographed the collection.

I created a series of 2D collages using elements from the campaign photographs, to represent the "essence" of each of the five looks photographed for the campaign. Each look, wearing the name of the model wearing it, is deconstructed and abstracted, only revealing its essence in a "floating little world".