: art director 
  & designer

/ Publication: Beau à voir

Publication, 2018

Elisa Colson in collaboration with:
Héloïse Larue / Contemporary dancer

A publication exploring London’s neighbourhood “De Beauvoir Town”.

Beau à Voir is a catalogue raisonné reflecting on "De Beauvoir Town", which is a neighbourhood in the London Borough of Hackney. It is the result of several walks around the neighbourhood, using photography and illustration as a way of documenting the area. The photographs collected were then organised and categorised in order to document different aspects of the neighbourhood.

One of the chapters was realised in collaboration with a French contemporary dancer, Héloïse Larue. I photographed her dancing in the neighbourhood, playing with movements around the architecture of the estate. The whole chapter studies movement, the relationship between the human and the architecture and how we can navigate the space.