: art director 
  & designer

/ Branding: Aegean Solidarity Network

Branding, 2018

Elisa Colson in collaboration with:
Emma Sproat
Sophie Jones
Aurélien de Boisanger
C-Jaye Newton

Branding of a charity helping refugees in Greece.

The Aegean Solidarity Network is a UK registered charity which launched in 2015. Their mission is to support, through fundraising, other organisations directly based in Greece which fight to offer a better quality of life for the numerous refugees in the Aegean sea.

This branding project has been done in collaboration with Emma Sproat, Sophie Jones, C-Jaye Newton and Aurélien de Boisanger in 2018. For the rebranding, my group and I aimed at conveying a humanizing message. We created a campaign called "I AM", which is text-based and which aims at raising awareness about the refugee crisis and remind people that refugees are just humans who deserve rights. Before becoming refugees, these people had jobs, lives, hobbies, families. We wanted to encourage empathy and create a proximity between people from the UK and the refugees in Greece.